Get Your Baby Crawling in No Time

Follow the links on this page for activities and tips to get your baby crawling in no time.

Every mom wants to have a bright child. Right?? You can boost your child's future performance by encouraging your baby to crawl at an early age.

How?? If you read through all the pages in this section, you will be empowered with knowledge on how to get crawling babies instantly, well with a little patience and practice.

Don't Worry!!

Now, don't rush to your pediatrician if your baby doesn't crawl according to the normal accepted standard or doesn't crawl at all. Have his development milestones checked if you're worried, but remember...

Baby CrawlingBaby Crawling

Reveal Your Special
Baby Crawling Tips...

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Every baby is unique

...and will crawl at his/her own pace and in his own style.

Don't worry if he doesn't crawl at all. That's normal!! Some babies skip the crawling phase all together - they just stand up and walk.

How to Promote Crawling Development

Crawling may be the first way your baby gets mobile. Yet, very few parents realize how important this milestone is in the whole child development process.

Occupational therapists place so much emphasis on crawling development because it is one of the most important activities to promote infant crawling for optimal stimulation.

Crawling Benefits

Some babies instinctively start crawling out of baby beds, others need a little help to lift their stomach from the ground. Be aware of the signs that she's ready to crawl. Development experts agree that there are definite benefits of crawling.

It doesn't matter how she does it -- or whether she skips infant crawling at all, but at least try and get the most out of these crawling benefits. You want to do anything that helps you to get crawling babies and develop at a faster rate than normal.

Top 3 Reasons Why Baby Crawling
Must Be Done Correctly

Parents universally accept baby crawling as THE ONE milestone all infants must master.

But despite this widespread acceptance, few realize why it is so important. Have a look at the top 3 crawling reasons and how to make sure your baby benefits most learning this skill.

Need Help with Baby Crawling?

Babies do need to find some way to move across the floor. Each will do so at unpredictable times and in distinctive ways.

Your child may be a scooter, one who likes to stay upright and scoot across the floor on his bottom. Many babies prefer creeping, commando crawling or wriggling forward on the stomach. Many children will crab-crawl, scooting backwards. Some babies roll everywhere and then go straight to pulling up and walking.

Some go straight to walking, some bum shuffle, some push themselves backwards on their tummy (consider getting a tummy time mat!!) around the living room, some crawl backwards.

And, of course, many children will get up on all fours and crawl forward in the traditional way.

Each child is unique.

If you are a first time mom or need any help with crawling, be sure to read through all my crawl baby pages. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact me and send your question through.

Is Your Little One Crawling Backwards?

Do you have a baby crawling backwards? No need to worry. That is perfectly normal. They do need to find some way to move across the floor. Each will do so at unpredictable times and in distinctive ways. Read more about why your baby is crawling backwards and what you can do to promote forward crawling.

Crawling Tips

Get your infant crawling in no time with these valuable crawling tips.

Crawling babies can be a hazardous exercise on its own. Make sure your house is childproof, with a special emphasis on stairway gates. Babies crawling tend to be attracted to staircases and accidents happen so fast. Rather be safe than sorry.

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