Baby Development Milestones -

22 Month Old to 24 Month Old

Baby development milestones are often divided into specific domains, such as gross and fine motor movements, hand-eye coordination, language, cognition, social and emotional growth.

These designations are useful, but substantial overlap exists.

Studies have established average ages at which specific milestones are reached, as well as ranges of normality.

Here you will find detail of what to expect from your baby during the 22 month old development to 24 month old development phase.

Baby Development Milestones

22 - 24 month old

15 - 18 months

19 - 21 months

25 - 30 months

31 - 36 months


Fundamental Movement Skills

  • Pushes a pedal toy along with her feet, though probably cannot yet turn the pedals.
  • Can stand on one foot while using the other to kick a ball.
  • Gaining self confidence while running and rarely falls, although this activity still requires quite a lot of concentration.
  • Moves fast as long as she goes in a straight line.
  • Is able to throw and catch a ball from a sitting position
  • Dances to music.
  • Can adjust her balance well on a swing.


Hand Eye Coordination

  • Looks at books for several minutes studying each picture, pointing to images that catch her interest and turning the pages.
  • Can participate increasingly in helping to dress and undress herself.
  • Combines her index finger and thumb effectively in the pincher grip to pick up small objects.
  • Receives and passes objects from your hand to hers and then back again.
  • Makes increasingly rhythmic movement sounds with simple musical instruments such as drums and tambourines.



  • Accurately identifies everyday objects placed in front of her.
  • Experiments with different (perhaps “incorrect”) word combinations.
  • Tackles most sounds but often mixes up or mispronounces certain consonants such as “c” or “s”.
  • Names the main parts of her body.
  • Listens with interest to other people talking to each other.
  • Her vocabulary is at least 200 words, often combined in short sentences.



  • Understands that she can manipulate objects to learn more about them. For example, she twists objects to see inside them.
  • Improve imagination and is enthusiastic about imaginative play, creating stories and scenes using toys, such as figures, to act them out.
  • Watches you closely then copies you as a way of learning new skills.
  • Has an unquenchable thirst for information and asks lots of questions about everything around her.
  • Is increasingly able to understand explanations.
  • Will be able to remember and recount some past events.


Social and Emotional

  • Enjoys the company of other children, but has trouble sharing her toys and does not yet play cooperatively.
  • Is able to feed herself with a spoon effectively .
  • Potty training is probably underway but bladder and bowel control may not yet be totally reliable.
  • Wants to help wash herself at bath time and clean her teeth.
  • Enjoys the responsibility of carrying out small tasks.
  • May cry when separated from you temporarily, although she soon stops when you are out of sight.
  • May be shy with strangers.


Expert Advice

This information is presented to help parents understand what to expect from their child at a certain age.

Any questions you may have about your baby development milestones should be shared with your family doctor.

Be sure to visit all the baby development milestones pages for different ages.




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