Activities to ensure healthy development emotional toddler

I've been looking for activities to promote healthy development emotional toddler, when I came across some activities to promote development emotional & social toddler. I would like to share this information with you.

development emotional toddler

All human beings experience different kinds of emotions daily. The intensity of emotions will depend on the child’s age and his personality. Between ages 10-18 months emerge an organized sense of self. Toddlers at this age need you to recognize and show appreciation of all their new abilities and achievements. Child development, emotional and social skills grows tremendously between 13 and 24 months.

Then between the ages 18-30 months, children use pretend play to act out their emotions. They are very curios and sensitive at this age and express their feelings into words. Because they are so sensitive keep in mind that they need a lot of affection!


Activities to promote development emotional toddler:

  • Help the toddlers express their feelings, aggression, separation and rejection into words.
  • Enhance their vocabulary so that they can express their emotions orally. There are so many more words than happy and sad.
  • Let the toddler feel secure, by providing a loving class with routine.
  • Do a lot of things together, they need affection and will feel loved if you play with them.
  • Through play children experience feelings of safety and security. Play also helps them to deal with anxiety and fear.
  • Encourage autonomy. A clean toddler won’t gain any information from his surroundings if he is not aloud to explore! (There’s nothing a washing machine can’t do.)
  • Recognize and reward their efforts.
  • Give them with responsibilities and make them feel important.
  • Provide them with new experiences.
  • Provide them with a prepared environment.
  • Show a lot of affection.
  • Picture books or stories showing children in different situations, e.g. a girl getting dressed, baking cookies with granny etc.
  • Make flash cards showing emotions through facial images, hold it up and ask the toddler to imitate the image. (images with art work)
  • Ask them to show your different body parts.
  • Having more play dates with other developing toddlers will help your child feel more comfortable and emotional connected, although he may still not play with other toddlers.
  • Always try and organize fun activities for toddlers

Because of their limited vocabulary, toddlers have a hard time expressing their fears and anxieties. This can be especially troubling if your toddler is having nightmares. To help calm them after a night time terror, sit and gently rock with them or rub their back until they fall asleep again.

Showing their frustration through tantrums and aggression is very common for a toddler. Since they lack the verbal skills to express what they're feeling, they rely on physical anger. While it may seem strange, the fact that your toddler hits you and not just anyone shows that they have a certain level of trust in you. They know that you are the right person for them to vent their feelings to. You can help them find more constructive ways to express their emotions by teaching them words like "mad".

But remember...

...development emotional toddler activities should be fun!

Kids learn through play.




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