Some More Crawling Benefits

The crawling benefits your baby picks up during this phase should not be under estimated. In addition to all the benefits of baby crawling, there are some secondary advantages of crawling as well.

Benefits of Crawling

Gross Motor Skills

Baby crawling strengthens the trunk and link muscles, both crucial for the development of fundamental movement skills like gross motor skills for your baby. Well developed gross motor skills enhance the near senses.

Crawling BenefitsCrawling Benefits

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills encompass the small muscles especially hand eye coordination and the muscles around the mouth. Crawling refines these muscle groups by strengthening them. When crawling babies grasp an object, their fine motor skills are enhanced - key abilities when your child is old enough to feed himself or hold a pencil.

Sensory Information

Crawling allows for the integration of sensory information, giving your baby the complete picture of his/her environment. Through crawling, babies learn and discover spatial concepts like under, over, in and out.

Vestibular System

Crawling stimulates the inner ear or the vestibular system especially through your infants' head movements which will affect your child's overall balance.

Research shows that many children who never crawled properly often struggle with poor balance. A baby learning to crawl bears weight on arms and legs and that develops and improves equilibrium and balance.

Stimulate Brain Activity

Infant crawling exercises stimulate different areas of the brain - areas that are critical to future learning. Crawling enhances your baby’s development by stimulating brain activity through repetitive movement, and thus developing cognitive processes such as concentration, memory and comprehension.


Binaural Hearing

Reception and baby language development is stimulated when baby crawl as the infant uses both ears simultaneously and develops binaural hearing.


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