Stimulating Baby Brain Development -

31 Month Old to 36 Month Old

Your baby brain development skills become more advanced in the six months preceding her third birthday.

Her brain memory has improved, she has in increasing ability to interpret the meaning of her experiences, and she has vivid imaginations, sound use of language and higher levels of concentration.

By the time she is three years old, your child is ready to learn a whole range of new concepts.

Baby Brain Development

31 - 36 month old

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Suitable suggestions for Baby Brain Development

(31 Month Old - 36 Month Old)

Bear in mind that your child continues to learn from her everyday experiences with you and with other children, from her daily routine, and from her play activities.

These remain key sources of natural stimulation. And now that she is more mature, she can happily sit quietly and focus her attention for longer periods, which increases her capacity to learn.

If your child is particularly restless during situations requiring concentrations, help your child development attention span by sitting with her.

Whenever you see her attention beginning to turn away, gentle reminders will help her focus on the activity in hand.


How to Improve Memory

Play games specifically to extend and improve short term memory.

For instance, place approximately six household objects on a tray in front of your child. Ask her to look at the tray and try to remember all the objects. Explain that you will take the tray away, so she has to remember all the items she can. Remove the tray.

You'll find that she probably recalls at least two or tree objects, and quite possibly more. Once she has made her guess, let her look at the tray again.


Games to Improve Memory

You can improve your and your child's performance of this activity by teaching her the strategy of rehearsal. When she tries to memorize the objects on the tray, suggest to her that she says the names of the objects out loud, over and over again.

This technique - which you probably use yourself when memorizing, say, a new telephone number - will increase her recall of the objects. She'll be pleased with the results.

Likewise, when you give her a simple instruction to carry out, ask her to repeat the instruction back to you. This increases the amount of information stored in her short term memory and memory alpha. This will improve short term memory and also learn you how to improve your memory.


Read a Lot

As well as reading stories to your child, suggest that she makes up a story to tell you.

This encourages her to use symbolic thought, to draw on previous experiences and long term memory to blend concepts, and to try out new language structures.

Her make-believe story may be hard to follow but it is an active use of her existing learning skills.

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Top Tips for Baby Brain Development

(31 Month Old - 36 Month Old)

  • Teach early number concepts through preschool number activities.
  • Hand your child one toy brick and say "That's one for you", then hand another and say "That's two for you".

    Your child may understand numbers up to three or four, even at this young age.


  • Give her sorting activities.
  • For instance, ask your child to put her toy animals in one place and her toy people in another.

    You'll find that she can achieve this as long as she thinks carefully.


  • Continue to take an interest in her learning.
  • She may be older and more mature but she still needs you to be proud of her achievements, and to praise her when she learns something new.

    Your child wants your approval.


  • Help her form classifications.
  • For instance, say "Tell me what you like to eat" and when she has named a few items, ask her to tell you more.

    If she includes a non-food product, say "No, you don't eat that."


  • Teach her to recognize her name in writing.
  • Initially, she won't be able to tell the difference between her name and other written words.

    Point it out to her, and encourage her to find the same word elsewhere on the piece of paper.


Top Toys for a 31 Month Old - 36 Month Old

  • toy figures and vehicles
  • color- and shape-matching games
  • eight-piece form boards
  • larger jigsaws
  • dressing-up clothes

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