Is a Baby Crawling Backwards Normal?

A baby crawling backwards is perfectly normal. Even a baby not crawling is also normal. There is no need to worry. As long as your baby begins to move across the floor using each arm and each leg, there is no cause for concern.

Here I want to share with you activities you can do with your child to help baby crawling backwards and promote crawling babies to move forward.

Can I let you in on a secret? “In our family I started crawling backwards first and so did my baby.” At first I was so worried as she was not following the norm. But believe me - there is nothing wrong with me or my baby!!

Why is my Baby Crawling Backwards?

Babies can't control the movement in their legs that well since they have been limited to lying down and sitting for most of their lives (about nine months).

Their upper bodies are more developed than their lower ones. The hip joints need to be sufficiently strong enough to support the ever growing weight.

Because your baby is pushing on his arms, he tends to push himself backwards. It is very common to see babies crawling backwards in normal baby crawling development.

It doesn't matter! The good news is that he's propelling himself, and before long he'll be starting to try to hold on to things for standing. In a few months crawling in any direction will be a thing of the past, since your baby will be walking and running everywhere!

How to Promote Forward Crawling:

Try some of these crawling tips to promote your baby to go forward on all fours:

  • You could try getting down on the floor and "showing" him how to crawl baby forward.
  • Tempt him forward by putting some toys (on tummy time mats) he loves in front of him but just out of reach. He might well find it very frustrating in the meantime because he can see the toy and he's trying to crawl to the toy but it just keeps getting further away! Help baby crawl when he gets too frustrated, and he'll have it figured out in no time.
  • When baby crawl or move in reverse, then put your hand on his bottom and gently propel him forwards.
  • When you're playing with him, put a hand under his tummy and get him on his hands and knees. Just support him with your hand at first so he can get the hang of balancing. Make it fun.
  • You can also move his arms/legs for him so he get used to the feeling of moving forward instead of backwards.
  • I would play chasing with my kids and go behind them and overtake them so they knew to follow me.
  • Maybe entice him forward with his favourite food, but don't give in if he cries.
  • Consider buying tummy time mats.

Something I have noticed is that baby see / baby do. If you have a friend or relative with a baby that already crawls, invite them to come over and let your child watch. That could speed things up a little.

It takes time and patience but he will soon realize that he can go either way. If you pre-praise, and encourage him to crawl to you, and make a big thing out of it when baby crawl, you will have more success.

If you understand the benefits of baby crawling, you'll think of some more activities to do with your child.

Need help with baby crawling? Make sure you visit all my baby crawling pages and read more about crawling benefits.

The Bottom Line:

Don't be concerned if you have a baby crawling backwards - your baby will start crawling forward soon! A baby learning to crawl and walk should be fun. Just take lots of video so you can enjoy it later.

You won't have a baby crawling backwards up the aisle to get married!!

And just wait - when your baby starts trying to ride little bikes and things, they'll do the same thing - go backwards first.

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