Benefits of Baby Crawling?

There are so many benefits of baby crawling that can be listed here. Crawling is an important development milestone in your baby’s life.

The mechanics of crawling stimulate different areas of the brain – areas that are critical to future learning.

I'm going to discuss the most important benefits of crawling that have been identified by child development experts so that you can see the importance of crawling.

Benefits of Baby CrawlingBenefits of Baby Crawling

Why Should My Baby Crawl?

There are a few baby crawling reasons that you should take note of:

  • Your baby can connect with you in new ways. Your baby is checking on your whereabouts by turning around and looking back as the crawls across the room. Your baby needs reassurance that she can look to you for guidance if she's unsure or frightened.
  • Baby crawling stimulates brain activity through repetitive movement, and thus developing cognitive processes such as concentration, memory and comprehension.
  • Babies discover that things exist far away from them. Babies crawling gets the experience necessary to calibrate how far away something really is -- the more crawling it takes to reach it, the farther away it is, and vice versa.
  • Strengthens balance, muscle tone and hand eye coordination, which are necessary for future reading, writing, and physical activities.
  • They learn how to navigate their environment. Pretty soon your baby will know the layout of every room. She will become familiar with objects at certain positions and guide her route to her destination according to these known positions.
  • Improves left and right brain coordination as both hands, legs, eyes and ears are required to work in synchronization.
  • He notices his surroundings more. As he crawls, he depends on visual information to make note of the landmarks and his location relative to the environment.

... and Some More Benefits of Baby Crawling

  • A baby crawling is gaining self confidence as the child determines where he/she wants to go, moves in that direction, and thus, achieves their goal.
  • They are forced to make decisions. Babies with more experience will know when to slow down or stop to assess the obstacles in their way. Your baby builds up experience in navigation skills and decision making.
  • The crawling action stimulates abstract thinking skills as your child realises their position in the environment, and anticipates and avoids obstacles.
  • Your baby keeps his goals in mind. Keeping an eye on the prize helps. Babies who crawl perform better in object-search games than babies the same age who don't crawl. Experts believe it's because locomotion has helped the crawlers focus their gaze and attention.
  • His emotions intensify. It's extremely exciting for your baby to reach a special toy or beloved person all on her own! This big accomplishment is an award for their effort and courage.
  • Provide them with many hours of enjoyment, and sensory stimulation, as they explore their surroundings.

Obviously, there are a lot more crawling benefits to be noted.

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