Stimulating Baby Brain Development -

15 Month Old to 18 Month Old

Increased baby brain development enables your child to take more control over her daily life. She begins to think for herself, tackling challenges with great enthusiasm.

Her improving memory allows her to recall where she has previously places items. Concentration also improves and she plays with toys for longer, leaving her less dependant on constant stimulation from you.

Baby Brain Development

15 - 18 month old

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Suitable suggestions for Baby Brain Development

(15 Month Old - 18 Month Old)

Your baby likes to experiment with toys and she won't need much encouragement from you to do this, but be ready to offer suggestions anyway.


Creative Memories

Now is a good time for her to build more creative memories in the way she explores. All she needs is a little guidance and prompting from you which will help her a lot in building self confidence and determination.

For instance, when she struggles to place a particularly awkward shape in the wooden shape sorter, remind her that she can turn the shape around or that she could try alternative shapes for that hole.

She may be unwilling at first to follow your advice because she'd rather achieve success without your help, but she'll give it a try eventually.

The specific advice you offer her isn't so important - what matters is that you have helped your toddler to think more creatively, approaching challenges from different perspectives.


Improve Imagination and Story Telling

Continue to improve imagination and develop her imaginative play even though kids imagination is still limited at this age.

For instance, read her stories in a lively way, using different voices and imaginative play toys - varying the loudness depending on the action.

You'll find that her facial expressions match yours as she listens to every word, synchronizing her mood with the mood you express.

Do not make story telling too dramatic, though, as toddlers may become so engrossed in this imaginative stage that they are upset by the emotions aroused.


Child Development Attention Span

Gradually improve the attention span of a child, as this will help her general learning ability.

  • One strategy is simply to sit by your toddler as she plays with her toys. There is evidence from psychological research that a child is likely to play for longer in the presence of a parent.
  • Another strategy is to observe her at an activity, and when you see that she is ready to move on to something else, suggest that she continues with it for a little longer.

Don't expect too much from her at this stage, though!

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Top Tips for Baby Brain Development

(15 Month Old - 18 Month Old)

  • Broaden her play interests.
  • She'll learn best when she plays with a range of toys instead of focusing on just one or two.

    If you notice that she continually plays with the same few toys every day, try to engage her interest in other items.

    Play kid games related to her age.


  • Provide opportunities for sand and water play.
  • Whether at the time she has a bath or at some other point in the day, let your toddler play with cups and water.

    She'll learn about quantities and volume through the experience of filling and emptying containers of different sizes.


  • Look for gradual changes.
  • Naturally you hope that she will progress rapidly with learning development.

    Try to avoid placing too much pressure on her to learn new skills all the time of she may become anxious, intimidated and unable to learn.

    From time to time allow her to relax by undertaking an activity that she's already thoroughly mastered.


  • Practice new learning in short bursts.
  • She learns best for short periods of time.

    For instance, several five-minute episodes of learning development separated by 15-minute breaks is a better way to learn than one continuous session lasting an hour.


  • Give her time.
  • Your stomach may churn with frustration as you watch your toddler try every solution to the puzzle except the right one.

    But don't rush in too early; she needs time to test out different strategies for herself.


Top Toys for a 15 Month Old - 18 Month Old

  • wooden board games
  • story books
  • plastic shapes
  • construction bricks
  • sand and water tray
  • nesting cubes


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