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questions and answers about hand eye coordination


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Questions and Answers about Hand Eye Coordination


  • My toddler doesn't seem to understand how cause-and-effect toys work. What should I do to encourage her?

It may be that her hand eye coordination simply isn't good enough yet to operate the toys you give her.

Check that they have been designed for her age group. If she doesn't understand how to make a toy work, then just show her what to do with it.

You may need to do this a few times.

  • What size of ball should she play with, big or small?

She needs a range of sizes. Different sizes require her to use different visual and manual skills.

A small ball helps her strengthen her grip because she can hold it in one hand alone. A larger ball requires her to coordinate both hands in order to grasp the ball.

  • Why does my toddler's hand often tremble when he concentrates on putting shapes into the correct holes?

This is a normal occurrence during an activity requiring great concentration.

His desire to fit the shape in the hole is so strong that his hand and arm muscles start to tense up, hence his hand begins to shake.

It stops shaking when he relaxes.

  • My toddler won't let me help him when he struggles with undressing. What should I do?

Although he won't let you give him a hand, you can still talk to him and can give helpful directions (for instance, 'Pull that sock off first, not both at once').

Once he starts to listen you your comments, he'll be more willing to let you give practical help.

  • My child won't give up when she can't finish a jigsaw, even when she gets upset. What should I do?

Suggest she temporarily leaves the challenge that upsets her and then returns to it later once she is calm.

When you see her struggling, distract her with another activity - perhaps give her a drink of juice - and then let her go back to the activity.

  • Why does my toddler often fall over when she bends down to pick something up from the floor?

Picking something off the floor involves both hand eye coordination and balance at the same time, and this may be too demanding for her.

Putting all her concentration into coordination her thumb and forefinger reduces her focus on balance - and hence she topples.

  • My child is 30 months old and obsessed with dressing and undressing dolls. Is that normal?

Yes. Children this age often become fixated with one toy in particular.

Yours has turned his attention to playing with dolls like this because his hand control has developed to the point where he achieves success every time.

Encourage him to play with other toys too.

  • How many pieces should a 2 ½ year old be able to replace in wooden board games?

As a rough guide, you could expect a child of this age to cope with a board that has three or four different pieces.

The difficulty of wooden board games is also affected by the shape of the inserts - irregular, large shapes are harder to fit than small regular shapes.

  • My 3 year old has good hand control but prefers me to fetch and carry for her. How can I change this?

Resist carrying out tasks you know she is capable of doing.

Eventually her desire for the toy or the piece of food will become so strong that she will get it herself.

And when she does, reinforce her behavior by telling her how delighted you are that she did this all by herself.

  • How many wooden blocks should a child of this age be able to stack to make a tower?

Most 3 year olds can build a tower of nine or ten blocks.

Yet an uneven table leg or a slippery table top can easily make the tower fall before it reaches that height.

Don't worry if she only manages, say, seven of eight blocks in the tower.


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