Stimulating Eye Hand Coordination - 31 Month Old to 36 Month Old

As she approaches the end of her third year, your child's eye hand coordination is becoming very sophisticated.

So many of the activities that were previously beyond her are now well within her abilities. For instance, her cup-holding skill, her use of cutlery, her effectiveness at picking up and carrying objects, and her competence at dressing herself all help to make her much more self-reliant.

Eye Hand Coordination

31 - 36 month old

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Suitable suggestions for Eye Hand Coordination

(31 Month Old - 36 Month Old)

Kids Craft Projects

Your child's eye hand coordination has reached the point where she is able to undertake even more varied and interesting craft activities.

She loves cutting up bits of paper with scissors - although this remains difficult for her - and then sticking these small pieces on to a larger sheet op paper in a random pattern.

Use paper glue that is suitable for children (obtainable from toy shops) and be prepared for a bit of a mess.


Kids Scissors

You'll need to guide her until she becomes more skilled at using kids scissors. Cutting is a complex hand eye coordination  task that takes a long time to achieve, so your child needs your encouragement.

Never let her use ordinary scissors because they are not safe for small hands. Buy her safety scissors designed for children from a good toy shop.

Running with scissors can be very dangerous. Never let your child run with scissors.


Child Drawing

Her drawings are also becoming more interesting. Your child has probably always enjoyed drawing pictures of people, but they have hardly been recognizable.

They are becoming more accurate and you can tell the subject. You'll notice the head of the person in the drawing is disproportionately large, and the legs are like little sticks jutting out from the underside - 3 year olds generally miss out the body altogether.

There are usually no other details, except perhaps a couple of pencil points to represent the eyes.

Personal Hygiene Tips

Motivate your child to use her eye hand coordination purposefully to improve her daily life in terms of good personal hygiene.

For instance, she is probably reliably clean and dry during the day. With her level of eye hand control, she should be able to dress and undress herself for the toilet - she's thrilled when you point out to her that she is like 'a big girl' now.

This is also a good time to teach her how to wash her hands after using the toilet - personal hygiene for kids. The taps may be too difficult for her to turn but encourage her to try anyway. Show her how to rub her hands together under the running water and dry them on the towel.

Children personal hygiene is often neglected by parents.


Top Tips for Eye Hand Coordination

(31 Month Old - 36 Month Old)

  • Give her time.
  • Now that she attempts more complex hand eye coordination games and activities, she needs lots of time to relax and concentrate on them.

    Let her continue until she achieves her goal, and resist the temptation to hurry her along.


  • Plan outings.
  • It takes longer for your child to use the toilet without help form you than with your help. This can be frustrating for you when you are in a rush to go out.

    Don't undermine her confidence by hurrying her, but ask her to use the toilet well before you intend to leave on your trip.


  • Encourage more accurate coloring.
  • Point out to your child how her crayon marks go over the black outlines.

    Suggest that she tries a little bit harder to keep the crayons closer to the lines themselves, by making slower hand movements.


  • Allocate responsibility.
  • She'll love involvement in your household routine, such as being responsible for dusting a table top, or for sweeping a rug with a small brush.

    Her hand control means that she can complete these jobs if the tries.


  • Take her to nursery or kid playgroups.
  • She will benefit from mixing with other children, from playing with them in novel ways, and from having access to a new range of toys.


Top Toys for a 31 Month Old - 36 Month Old

  • plastic tea set
  • art and craft materials
  • toy farm animals
  • toy figures
  • plastic or wooden train set with tracks

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