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About Christelle
About Christelle

Hi, I'm Christelle, the proud webmaster of this site. Welcome to my raise smart kid website. I consider it a compliment that you want to know a bit more about me.

I'm a full-time working mom trying to balance work, children, school, husband and household -- and raise smart kids. That's why this site is a busy mom's guide filled with free, easy and fun, home based activities to boost your child's development.

I live in the heart of South Africa, Centurion along with my husband, Rainer and our two gorgeous kids, Nericke (4) and Ewald (1).


Smart Kids
Smart Kids - Nericke & Ewald


Unfortunately I can't stay at home with my children and see them learn and develop into self-sufficient adults. Like many of you, I have to pay someone else to see the best moments of their lives.

I'm by no means an expert in the field, but I have a great passion to learn everything I could about optimally stimulating and develop my kids. That's why I have been reading everything I could about babies, toddlers, parenting and in general children development.

I decided that I want to share the secrets and tips that I have discovered and also encourage other moms in the same situation as I am. And this is how this website was born!

Although I will always supply the information at NO COST, this Website is a business venture from which I earn an income through sponsored advertising. This site is monetized by Google AdSense, as well as other affiliate programs. Even so, providing quality content will always be my first priority.


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Maybe you stumbled across this website incidentally. I want to show you how you could benefit from the same opportunity that came my way this year, when I started building this site and living my passion.

I'm pretty sure you won't say "No" to a little extra income each month...

Let me tell you my story.

In August 2007, I stumbled across this website-building package that enables you to build your own site, without any technical know-how at all. This was just what I needed because I had limited programming experience but wanted to go into Web Development. Thus, from a Website Design view, I had no experience. I found the perfect partner in Site Build It as web host. They advocate the principle that content is the most important ingredient in a successful web site. They supply all the tools, not only to build a site, but to build a web business and earn an income from it!

I wanted to live my dream and passion and this opportunity provides me the added benefit of earning a little something for my efforts. You see, it actually isn't effort for me, because I enjoy every moment of it.

You too can Build Your Own Website!

I hope you find my raise smart kid information and activities useful and that you become a regular visitor to my site.




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