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These Raise Smart Kid Links are additional free parent resources for you. I have reviewed each site and believe it will be of benefit to my readers.

If you have a website that you feel is related to my site or would be of interest to my readers, with appropriate family friendly content, please submit your URL below. If applicable, I would be glad to consider a reciprocal link exchange.

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Raise Smart Kid Links

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Baby Links:

Baby books guide
An on-line guide to books for your baby and about your baby. Read recommendations, critiques and reviews by other parents on baby and toddler books. Books are categorized by topics such as feeding, sleeping and potty training. The Essential Infant Resource for Moms
The Essential Infant Resource: Growing into Motherhood One Day at a Time!

Parenting Links:

Free Toddlers Activity & Child Discipline Guide!
Free parenting resources to help you use positive parenting in your child's development, toddlers activities, crafts, games and even in child discipline - Rules for Ratbags!

Consistent Parenting Advice
Discover the simple but profound difference clear, firm and consistent parenting will bring to your family. How to enhance your children's happiness, self esteem and responsibility while increasing and developing your own emotional maturity as adults and parents.

Pregnancy and Parenting Search Engine - A speciality search engine especially designed for parents-to-be and parents.

Essential Tips for Moms
Real life Mom experiences with all the facts of reality. I cover a broad range of subjects that I believe to be important to Moms.  Some are: being a happy mom, marriage tips, first time moms, parenting advice, emotional eating, depression, PMS, positive thinking, and money saving tips.

Raising Twins
One moms advice and experience with the unique joys and challenges of raising twins. From finding out that you're expecting, through pregnancy, discussing prematurity issues, the NICU, to bringing those babies home. Breastfeeding, teething, potty training and sleep deprivation - resources and links

Preschool Lesson Plans and Activities
Step by step procedures for preschool activities. Includes discussions on Child Development and Philosophy, Homeschool, Montessori and Sunday School Education.

The Childrens Guide
The-Childrens-Guide is a website sharing parenting information, tips, and suggestions. Check out our product reviews, work at home opportunities, sales and more. So stop by and visit, I look forward to meeting you!

Kids Crafts:

Kids Crafts Creations
A website for Moms and their kids.  Here you will find free craft ideas of all sorts to help Moms get ideas for spending more quality time with their kids. Send in your craft ideas and pictures!

Best Preschool Games
A fun selection of Preschool Games for little kids - Online Games, Outdoor Games, Educational Games, Party Games, Indoor Games and lots of other fun games and activities to keep little kids entertained.

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